Vintage Vault #1 (Setting Our Foundations) Transcript

Slide: Introduction

Hello everyone, Michael-John Wolfe here with your introduction video on taking your vintage muscle anabolics stacks. 

Now this is a very important video because there are a lot of differences in how each of these compounds and ingredients work, and how you take one stack can be completely different then how you take another stack.

By the end of this video, you’ll be an expert on how to take these different ingredients and stacks, and understand the fundamentals so you know why you are dosing your products at a certain time, and how you can use them to your full advantage to achieve a truly golden era physique.

Slide: Community

Before we go any further, make sure you’ve joined our Vintage Muscle Community on Facebook.

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People join this group because they want to get results, get jacked and they want to change their life. In order to do that, we need to keep a positive frame of mind. And if there is just people moaping around and complaining, it brings everyone down. So we have a strict policy of no complaining or negativity. If you have a complaint, that’s fine and we’d be happy to hear it, just send it to our support staff at and we’ll get you taken care of. 

  • Seek to help others before asking for help yourself

In order to make the community valuable, people have to help each other. Don’t come in the group and start demanding that people help you out, you should help out other people first. Come into the group, see which conversations you can hop in and add value, so then when you ask a question, other people are gonna be happy to help you.

  • If you break these rules you will be banned from the group immediately without notice or warning

  • We have a strict zero tolerance policy and staff policing the community to ensure it runs smoothly

Those are the rules, make sure you follow them, and make sure you look out and see how you can help add value to the group. Now onto the good stuff….

Here's What We are Covering Slide.

(pictures of these guys, not text) 

Alpha Test Stack

Anabolic Shred Stack

Muscle Support Stack

RAD-Mass Stack

Now here is exactly what we are covering in this video

  • Troubleshooting crystalization of sublingual products

  • How each of these stacks work, the different ingredients and compounds used in them.

  • how to take each of these stacks and their ingredients daily.

  • Best uses of each stacks, whether you are bulking or cutting, and knowing when the best time to use a particular stack is.

  • The minimum bodybuilder, which is some basic principles that will help us catch any pitfalls happening in our lifestyles / diets / or workouts, and ensure that we are getting the most out of these stacks. These are some daily rules you can follow that ensure results in the next couple weeks.

Slide: Troubleshooting

Now a common problem we have been seeing with some stacks is the crystalization of our liquid sublinqual anabolics. Now why that happens is due to the molecules of the active anabolic ingredients connecting to each other. Now if this happens to your product, do not be alarmed, there is absolutely nothing wrong and everything will work as intended. 

When designing our products, we encountered this problem and had to decide whether we wanted to lower the dose, or keep our dosages the highest in the market. We chose the latter after talking with our customers, and I think you’ll appreciate our decision, even if it means a little bit more trouble shooting.

The easiest and quickest fix we have found is to get some hot water, and to let the vial soak in it for a few minutes. The hotter the water, the quicker it will work. Afterwards, pick your vial up and shake it to make sure everything is mixed well.

Our 2nd method is to take a blowdryer, and to blow hot heated air at the vial for a few minutes, then shake it afterwards.

And as a finally method, you can remove the label and lid, and microwave for 15 seconds. Make sure to let it cool afterwards, and of course shake it after putting the lid on. I personally do this with my epi-test daily.

For any excessive troubles, just let our team know at and we will take care of you.

Slides 1: Alpha Test Stack,

Slide 1.1: How It Works

First off, we have our Alpha Test Stack. It uses a rare ingredient called epiandrosterone in our Vial of Epi-Test. 

Epiandrosterone works by being the precursor to the old school anabolic called stanalone. 

A precursor is a chemical that is transformed into another compound, as in the course of a chemical reaction in your body, and therefore precedes that compound. 

We refer to epi-test as a “dry” compound, due to the reduce water rentention. This is great for lean bulking or shredding up.

Meanwhile, we have a potent blend of herbs, vitamins, and mineral precursors of Testosterone in our Methyl Test supplement. 

Slide 1.2: How To Take It

Now lets cover how to take your Alpha Test Stack. Firstly, you’ll have to decide whether you're gonna do 1ml or 2ml daily of the epiandrosterone. We recommend you first test your tolerance with just 1ml daily, but if you feel ready for a stronger dose, then you can purchase the 2 vial option on our website. 

We want to make sure we are taking our methyl test supplement before bed every night, 3 capsules daily. It does not matter if your stomach is empty or full, your body will digest the capsules ingredients no problem.

This methyl test formulation is very important, as it will keep our natural production of testosterone high. We also want to make sure we are taking it before bed, as that is when our natural production of testosterone is highest, so by giving our body the methyl test before bed, we can take advantage of our body's natural testosterone production cycles to get the most out of our methyl test.

Now, lets cover how to use the Epiandrosterone to its potential. Because this is a derivative to testosterone, your gonna immediately feel the rush of extra androgenic substances in your body within 30 to 60 minutes after taking it. This is gonna result in more vascularity, energy, libido, and strength almost immediately. 

We want to make sure we’re putting this rush of anabolic energy to good use! That’s why I recommend taking the Epi-Test 30 minutes before the gym. However, taking the epi-test is different then the methyl test as you’ll want an empty stomach for the best absorption of the epiandrosterone. 

Taking epiandrosterone in our epi-test, for extra absorption, you can hold it under your tongue for a minute to absorb it sublingually. This will kick it into your bloodstream more potently. Then, make sure to swallow the rest, we recommend an acidic type of juice to increase absorption even more. 

Now taking epi-test sublingually can be a bit too hard for some folks, and that is just fine. You can swallow the epi-test immediately and chase it with juice also, you’ll still get all the effects and benefits. 

The alpha test stack will last 4 weeks, the same timeframe as every stack will be. However, this doesn’t mean you can only take it for 4 weeks. The alpha test stack can be taken up to 12 weeks straight.

The reason we can’t take the alpha test stack consecutively, every month, all year, is because the epiandrosterone is a suppressive ingredient.

When using a supressive ingredient, it simply means your body notices an abnormally high amount of testosterone in its body coming from an outside source. To compensate and save energy, the body's natural production of testosterone starts to lower.

Now suppression only becomes an issue when you run an ingredient too long, that's why we recommend keeping your cycle under 12 weeks, and take our Muscle Support Stack afterwards to boost your natural production. I’ll go over that stack in just a bit.

Slide 1.3: Best Uses

Now let's discuss the best uses of the Alpha Test Stack. This is the first stack we recommend to any customer, because it’s perfect whether your bulking, lean bulking, or cutting. It also gives a great lifestyle boost from the extra testosterone, so you’ll notice more energy to be productive, a more aggressive mindset to chase your goals, and a higher libido. 

In fact, quite a bit of our customers purchase this product just for the mindset benefit alone. 

The alpha test stack is a great overall stack no matter the goal.

Slides 1: Anabolic Shred Stack,

Slide 1.1: How It Works

Next we have our anabolic shred stack. The main ingredient featured is Laxogenin in our Androgenin bottle, a highly effective “plant steroid” that is non hormonal. It works by boosting something known as the “AKT-Enzyme”. Simply put, the AKT-Enzyme is the muscle building factory in your muscles, transporting the raw material of proteins into building muscle. This makes it the perfect compound to keep our muscle building and strength up while we are in a calorie deficit and trying to get shredded.

Alongside the Androgenin is our CLEN XT-50 supplement. This daily supplement is a formula specially designed to give you the power, focus, and fat-burning compounds you need to make your cut as easy and as effortless as possible.

Slide 1.2: How To Take It

Because Laxogenin is non-hormonal, we aren’t gonna be able to utilize timing like we did with the Epi-test. So with the androgenin, just making sure you are taking your dose daily at the same time. You can choose whatever time works best.

You can dose 1 to 2ml daily of androgenin, the same as the rest of our stacks vials.

Now the CLEN XT-50 is a bit tricky, because it contains stimulants and thermogenics to put our fat burning into overdrive. The recommended dose is 1 capsule in the morning, and 1 capsule in the afternoon. 

HOWEVER, if you use preworkout, miss the dose closest to the time you use preworkout. So for example, I work out in the morning sometimes, so I’ll skip my morning dose of clen-xt50, as the preworkout will replace that dose.

As the same with the rest of our stacks, make sure you take every part of the stack daily, even on days you don’t work out.

The anabolic shred does not need to be cycled like the alpha test stack, because it is non hormonal, and there is absolutely NO SUPRESSION taking this stack. However, taking breaks from the CLEN-XT50 is recommended so you don’t burn out your adrenal glands.

Slide 1.3: Best Uses

Now obviously, this stack is the perfect companion for anyone looking to shred up, while minimizing fat loss. 

It’s important to note that the androgenin pairs extremely well with the epi-androsterone from the alpha test stack. The Anabolic shred stack with the alpha test stack is a highly recommended cutting combo, and I recommend you try it.

And like I said earlier, because the anabolic shred is non hormonal, you can take it during your Muscle Support Cycles, which other people refer to as PCT. 

Slides 1: Muscle Support Stack,

Slide 1.1: How It Works

Here we have our Muscle Support Stack. It uses a rare ingredient called 4-methoxy in our Vial of Arimidione.. 

4-methoxy is also what is referred to as an aromatase inhibitor. This means that it can block the production and effectiveness of aromatase in the body, which in turn means that it can help to prevent its action. What does aromatase do? It converts testosterone into estrogen!

This makes 4-methoxy an extremely popular option among our customers,, especially owing to its natural status and lack of side effects and risks. By preventing the action of aromatase, you can avoid losing testosterone to estrogen conversion. 

This immediately means you will have more testosterone in your system, which in turn will result in increased muscle mass and fat loss. You’ll be stronger, more energetic, and more driven, and you’ll find your muscle grows faster than it otherwise would.

Alongside the Arimidione, you’ll get your Cycle Support Capsules. These contain even more natural herbs and minerals  to control your estrogen levels. Especially when you want to come off of a cycle supressive cycle. 

The Cycle Support pills also include our Liver Support Blend – Your liver has to process everything you put in your body, including supplements and testosterone. Supporting your liver with the compounds it needs will help prevent any possibility of long-term damage and help your body “Bounce Back” without seeing lasting side-effects.

Slide 1.2: How To Take It

We want to make sure we are taking our Cycle Support supplement before bed every night, 3 capsules daily. It does not matter if your stomach is empty or full, your body will digest the capsules ingredients no problem.

We can’t exactly take advantage of quicker absorption of the 4-methoxy for our workouts, so you can dose the Arimidione any time you’d like, just make sure it’s consistent and daily! I personally prefer before bed, when my natural testosterone production is about to be it’s highest, so the 4-methoxy can get to work. However, this can keep some people up, so you’ll have to find out personally the best time for you.

You can dose 1 to 2ml daily of Arimidione, the same as the rest of our stacks vials.

Technically you can run this cycle forever like the anabolic shred stack, but we do recommend not to exceed 12 weeks with this product.

Slide 1.3: Best Uses

The Muscle Support Stack is gonna be perfect after any suppressive cycle. It is also very effective to keep naturally testosterone production high during a supressive cycle also! 

Thats why we always recommend to start using a cycle of muscle support at week 8 of any supressive cycle (If you are running 8+ weeks of a supressive product). 

However, that doesn’t mean you can only use this stack after a supressive cycle.

Sometimes, a cycle of muscle support is the best thing you can do! Perfect to optimize your hormones, get testosterone high, estrogen low, and get rid of excessive water weight so you can look more shredded. This is definitely a tool you want in your arsenal no matter the situation. 

Slides 1: RAD-Mass Stack

Slide 1.1: How It Works

Here we have our RAD-Mass. It uses a highly potent anabolic called 4-DHEA in our vial of RAD-Mass. This is the perfect bulking stack.

4-DHEA works by being converted in the body into 4-androstenediol. This is a truly anabolic substance that has effects on muscle building and recovery. 

Now we commonly refer to this as a “wet” compound, as it will increase the amount of water weight you carry. Perfect if your bulking, but you’ll want to avoid this product if your looking to shred up and be as lean and dry as possible.

Slide 1.2: How To Take It

The dosage and timing of this stack is almost identical to the alpha test stack.

Like the alpha test stack, we want to make sure we are taking our methyl test supplement before bed every night, 3 capsules daily. It does not matter if your stomach is empty or full.

Because this is also a derative precussor to testosterone, your gonna immediately feel the rush of extra anabolic substances in your body within 30 to 60 minutes after taking it. 

We want to make sure we are putting this rush of anabolic energy to good use! That’s why I recommend we take the RAD-Mass 30 minutes before the gym. However, taking the RAD-Mass is different then the methyl test as you’ll want an empty stomach for the best absorption of the 4-DHEA. 

RAD-Mass is a supressive stack, so after a cycle of 4 to 12 weeks, make sure to take your muscle support afterwards. For stacks running longer then 8 weeks, muscle support is also recommended during the tail end 4 weeks of that cycle, and 4 weeks afterwards.

Slide 1.3: Best Uses

Now let's discuss the best uses of the RAD-Mass Stack. This is the ultimate product for bulking, and it’s excellent to break past any plateaus you are encountering. This is a more advance compound, so we don’t recommend beginners to use this product until after they have tried the Alpha Test stack.

Slide: Summary

So in summary, we have:

Our alpha test stack: 3 capsules before bed, 1 to 2ml drops of epi-test before the gym on a empty stomach, and it needs muscle support stack after a cycle of 4 to 12 weeks. Great for lean bulking, cutting, or maintainning 

Anabolic shred stack: 1 to 2 capsules daily of the clen xt-50, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Don’t combine with preworkout, just skip one dose of clen xt-50 if you use preworkout. Take 1 to 2 ml daily of the androgenin, timing doesn’t matter on this one.

Perfect for staying lean year round, isn’t supressive so we don’t need a pct afterwards and we can run it for however long as we want.

Muscle support stack: 3 capsules before bed, 1 to 2ml drops of arimidione in the evening, and this is what we are gonna use for pct if we use the alpha test or the rad-mass stack.

RAD-Mass stack: 3 capsules before bed, 1 to 2ml drops of epi-test before the gym on a empty stomach, and it needs muscle support stack after a cycle of 4 to 12 weeks.

Slide: Minimum Bodybuilder

Now lets cover what I call the minimum bodybuilder. These are a set of rules and daily habits that are the basic building blocks for every bodybuilder and just about every serious athlete I know about. 

If you are doing these things, you're gonna see results. If you are not doing these things, you are not gonna see results, well atleast the results you deserve to get from these stacks.

Slide: Stacks

  • Having you been taking the stacks on an empty stomach for best absorption?

If you are not taking the active anabolic ingredients on an empty stomach, you aren’t absorbing it to its potential

  • Have you taken your dosage every day?

  • If you have not seen results with 1ml daily, have you tried 2ml daily?
  • Are you taking Epi-Test/Rad-Mass on an empty stomach before the gym?
  • Did you take our muscle support stack after a supressive cycle?

Slide: Nutrition

  • If bulking, are you eating +400 calories above maintenance? 

It absolutely blows my mind when customers complain that they aren’t putting on weight, but yet they are barely eating! Your body can’t create more mass out of nothing! You’ve gotta be fueling your body with healthy calories to put on muscle mass.

  • If cutting, are you eating -400 calories below maintenance?

The same goes with cutting. You’ve simply got to be eating under your maintenance, and making sure the calories your intaking are high quality.

  • Is your protein intake in grams 2x your bodyweight?

This is a simple rule that every bodybuilder I’m aware of follows. This ensures your body will have the building blocks to recover and build muscle.

  • Is each meal well rounded? (Protein, carbs, fats)

You don’t want lopsided meals, like just waffles in the morning, and just plain chicken before the gym. It’s important you have your macros well rounded in each meal so your fueling your body throughout the day.

  • Are you drinking protein in the morning, after the gym, and before bed?

These times are most important for protein intake and I’ll explain why. In the morning, your body has been fasting all night, and the best thing you can do is immediately give your muscles some nutrients. The same goes with after a workout, when you’ve exhausted your muscles and body.

Why I also put before bed, is having protein for your body to digest during the night helps muscle growth and recovery while you sleep and your production of natural testosterone and growth hormone is highest

  • Is your meal timing well balanced around the day? (Eating every 2-4 hours)

This will help your body digest each meal fully. You don’t want 3k calories for dinner, and only 400 for breakfast. That would cause absolute havoc on your digestive system.

  • Is your water intake at least a gallon a day?

70 percent of your body and muscles is water. You know what happens when you throw a toaster in water? Electricity and energy goes everywhere. The same goes with your body and mind, which is simply electronic waves also being sent from your brain.

Slide: Lifestyle

  • Are you getting atleast 8+ hours of sleep a night?

A good night's sleep is honestly essential to build muscle, and have energy to hit the gym hard the next day. 

  • What time do you usually go to bed?

Get yourself on a set pattern of when you go to bed.

  • What is your alchohol intake?

The best thing I’ve ever done is quit drinking. And alchohol causes absolute havoc on your body. Not only does it ruin your nutrition for that day, but the 2nd and 3rd wave consequences it affects. So you have one days nutrition ruined, and the next day your workout is obviously not gonna be that good, and your gonna be hung over so your nutrition will be shit again, and this will just cause a massive ball of negative momentum. 

  • Did you plan tomorrow's meals today?

Each night, make sure you know exactly what you're gonna eat the next day, at what time, and that you’ll get your protein in. Now this isn’t saying you have to perfectly meal prep everyday, but take the time and figure out where you’ll go out to eat if you need to. I have a chipotle next to my gym that I can always get a high protein meal from, and having backup plans prepared well help you immensely especially when you get busy.

  • Is your energy levels high before the gym?

Your energy levels will be a reflection of how your sleep and nutrition has been. Make sure you are not wearing yourself out before the gym. For some people, that might mean working out in the morning to make sure you hit the gym hard, for others that could be night time. 

  • Do you have a set time for the gym?

Set a specific time your gonna hit the gym. And actually do it. 

  • Do you have a set gym split?

Most gym rookies think they can just workout whatever they’d like. This is a recipe for creating horrible symmetry problems in your body, such as chicken legs, or an underdeveloped back. Get yourself a workout split that you like, and stick to it.

  • What time do you wake up?

Waking up consistently at the same time is very important for your body's Circadian Rhythm, digestive track, and adrenal glands. This goes hand in hand with going to bed at the same time consistently.

Slide: Gym/Workouts

  • Do you have an effective muscle building split you follow?
  • Are you hitting at least 8 sets per muscle part?
  • Is your electrolyte intake high before the gym? (Powerade Zero, etc)

This goes hand in hand with your water intake from earlier, but ensuring your electrolyte intake is high will help maximize your pump, energy, and get blood flowing at the gym easier.

  • How long are you waiting inbetween sets?

Make sure you are sticking to your routines set time between sets.

  • If cutting, are you doing morning HIIT cardio daily on a empty stomach?

This is an absolute weapon for getting shredded quickly, and it’s the first thing I recommend for anyone trying to get diced fast.

Slide: Channeling energy into your grid

Now that we have gone over what we like to call the “minimum bodybuilder” and systemized the foundations of every great bodybuilder and athlete, we can imagine it as an electric grid. A network of interconnected lines and systems. Your job is to oversee, balance, and manage the health of each part and all the sub systems. Masterful bodybuilders know how to rapidly scan their own personal grid, and make sure every part of their routine is up to par. The best bodybuilders and athletes are constantly scanning their own system, 24/7/365. 

This diagram is available to download in the resources section beneath this video. Download it, print it off, and put it on your wall. 

And if you ever get stuck or you are not seeing progress, you can scan this system, find inputs that aren’t effective, and you’ll get the information and feedback you need to fix your routine.

Slide: motivational ending

“For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Be hungry during this crucial time taking your stacks, and tackle your nutrition and workouts head on. 

You have to simply remember that these are just additional tools you have in your arsenal of crafting your dream physique. Use these stacks to kickstart a massive ball of momentum on your side, towards achieving your physique goals

Slide text: Now let's go get it.

Now let's go get it.