Meet Vintage Muscle: Designing Muscle-Builders That Give Over 4,093 Men An Unfair Gym Advantage

When's the last time a supplement actually worked for you?

Let’s face it:

The supplements lining store shelves, pedaled on social media, and promoted by celebrities are mostly BS,

Most times, they leave guys with thinner pockets and no results.

There’s many reasons for this…

Like deceptive labeling practices, under-dosing, and blatant manipulation.

Even Amazon supplements can’t be trusted these days.

And this is why men - both young and old - are turning to Vintage Muscle.

With an army of over 4,093 men getting leaner, more muscular, and recovering faster than they were at 20, Vintage Muscle is putting the gym-going world on notice.

Vintage Muscle’s Stacks are designed to give the average gym-goer an unfair advantage due to the sublingual delivery system that increases absorption.

On top of that, Vintage Muscle's stacks are:
  • Generously dosed
  • Clean
  • Effective
  • Properly labeled
  • Made with honest ingredients

If you’re thinking about getting started with Vintage Muscle, here are the best ways to start based on your goals:

The Lean Gains Stack
1-Androl | Win-Test

Most men think gaining muscle while leaning out is impossible. Think again. The Lean Gains stack turns this dream into a reality. How? By combining two androgenic dry gainers that accelerate the muscle building process… WITHOUT the need for any extra weight gain.

The Shredded + Vascular Stack
Win-Test | Hydroxygenin (Hades)

Wave bye-bye to the dad bod. The athletic, shredded, and vascular look is in. And guys are achieving this look with a combo of Hades + Win-Test. This dynamic duo combines a hormonal fat burner with a potent dry gainer that promotes head-turning vascularity.

The Aging Athlete Stack
19Nor | Equi-Mass

Want to push past the limits most men face as they age? A combination of Equi-Mass and 19Nor can do the trick. Equi-Mass gives men that extra gear in the gym, at work, or in the bedroom. And 19Nor provides 3-step joint support, which can help men avoid days of sore, stiff, and achy joints after activity. Some guys taking this stack claim they feel better than they did at 20.

The Testosterone Stack
Alpha Test | RAD-Mass

T levels drop off a cliff after a man’s early twenties. And as masculine life force levels drop, muscle mass gets eaten up, weight gain is easier, and energy plummets. Thousands of men are fighting back against the effects of low T with Vintage Muscle’s Testosterone Stack. Featuring Alpha Test Stack + RAD-Mass, this combination unleashes a testosterone explosion that unleashes the lion in you.

The Recovery Stack
19Nor | GH-Soma

Aches and pains can stand in the way of fitness goals. Some guys surrender to the soreness. Others guys successfully fight back with 19Nor and GH-Soma. GH-Soma is Vintage Muscle’s recovery formula designed to give you a refreshing sleep, while 19Nor provides 3-step joint support to avoid stiff + sore joints. Because there’s no use in going to the gym if it leaves you sidelined for days.
Over 4,090 Men Have Used Vintage Muscle To Build Muscle, Get Lean, And Recover Faster:
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Get Results, Or Pay Nothing

Thousands of guys have seen outstanding results with Vintage Muscle Stacks. And they guarantee you’ll be absolutely delighted with your results as well.

If for any reason, you don’t move towards your goals with our stacks, send a message to, and they’ll return every red cent.

They can do this because they’ve delivered big results to thousands of men - young and old.

And they’re 100% confident that as long as YOU work, their stacks will work, too

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vintage Muscle?

Vintage Muscle is a sports nutrition company dedicated to helping men achieve greatness. Vintage Muscle provides sublingual muscle-builders, fat burners, recovery stacks, preworkouts, and multivitamins that help men unlock their full potential, achieve their dream physique, and gain a new lease on life.

Do Vintage Muscle Stacks Contain SARMs, Steroids, Or Research Chemicals?


Vintage Muscle Stacks contain anabolic precursors.

That means when you take Vintage Muscle Stacks, they’re converted to androgenic compounds that help you reach your gym goals.

Will Vintage Muscle Stacks Work For Me?

If you’re looking for a magic pill, Vintage Muscle stacks will disappoint you.

Because Vintage Muscle stacks only work if YOU do.

But the guys who do the work get results that are INCOMPARABLE to any other supplement on the market.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. If for any reason, you don’t move towards your goals with our stacks, send a message to, and we’ll return every red cent.

We can do this because we’ve delivered results to thousands of men - young and old.

And we’re 100% confident that as long as YOU work, our stacks will work, too.

How Do I Get Started?

Start by either clicking the button below or choosing from one of the popular combos above.

Once you’ve selected your stacks, you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can enter your information.

From there, your order will be packed and shipped to your door in the next 3-5 days.

Then, let the gains begin.